About this Album

After 2 months of lockdown in France, I have decided to make a "Virus" inspired music album. The idea is to mix some cinematic elements, with Ambient and Classical inspiration. Welcome in "Virus", the album constructed like a symphony and where everys movement tells the story of a pandemy.

  • Genre: Electronica, Syntwave, New Age, Ambient, Experimental, Meditation, Relaxation, Concentration, Industrial
  • UPC: 1941520088293
  • Release date: 01 May 2020

1. 1st Movement

This first movement is a long an progressive song, where the classic song structure is fighting with abstraction, in a controlled mess. Harmony, rhythm and melody are fighting against chaos.

2. 2nd Movement

This movement is starting with full happyness, but it won't take long before it turns into chaos.

3. 3rd Movement

This 10 minutes movement has electricity in the air. Mix of Ambient guitars, heavy drums, heavy metal, and subtle sequences, it makes you travel in many different places. Electricity is your guide.

4. 4th Movement

Destroyed cities, total destruction. A taste of blade runner. The guitars are still trying to keep some humanity.