About this Album

Covid-19 is finished, we are finally free to move and explore spaces around us!

  • Genre: Progressive Techno, Electronica, Synthwave, New Age, Ambient, Experimental, Meditation, Relaxation, Concentration, Industrial
  • UPC: 1941520088293
  • Release date: 25 December 2022

1. Soulless Machine

New album. SpaceS. First part is a 6 min tune named "Soulless Machine". 'Creativity is a uniquely human trait' we tell ourselves. And yet we can now see the coming tide of technology, in the forms of original art, music composition and novel writing. Encroaching itself onto the art world!

2. Echoist

This little melody was obsessing me for quite a while, so I had to record to get rid of my head! I tried to keep it simple. Dont' try to find a particular style, it is just music, mix of rock, techno and whatever...

3. Sorry

Another small (3m long) tune that is in minor with a sequence and a quite long series of chords that end up finishing with a simple repetitive low-fi loop. It is sort of an introduction to the next long ambient tune that will come at the 4th position in this album.