About this Album

We are in lockdown again, so it is the time to go back to music in order to avoid doing insane about that situation!

  • Genre: Progressive Techno, Electronica, Synthwave, New Age, Ambient, Experimental, Meditation, Relaxation, Concentration, Industrial
  • UPC: 1941520088293
  • Release date: 01 March 2021

1. In Lockdown Again

New album. Soli-Tunes. First part is an 8 min tune named "In Lock Down Again". It is a very diverse song with many different parts and instruments, from joyful to scary, from Ambient to Electro, some viola and some crazy sounds too!😁 Many different textures, and rhythms. Enjoy it with headphones!

2. Every Second Counts

This song is about waiting... waiting. 10 months without my little NID who stay 6000 km away. This song is dedicated to her, and about her patience.

3. Heaven or Hell

Multiple levels in this song with many words with a double significance and references. About life and death, also about the meaning of life, the difference between life in Europe and life in Asia, love ...

4. The Burden

The burden of the stupid bureaucracy, the rules imposed by the police, the power, to restrict your freedom. Hello, where do you go? Away from the window? You know you are wrong, you do not have the RIGHT to go out, without permission.

5. Hopeful

When suddenly we dream about all of this ends and everything is back to normal! Note: the distortion on the bass is on purpose, it is not a mixing error.

6. The Winter

Quiet and soft evocation of winter in France. A bit boring too. Harmonies are complex and sounds are cozy, relaxing.

7. The War

We are at war with ourselves, the government, the medias, the society. I am at war for my project W.O.K and this reminds me the album from Thirty Seconds To Mars and their documentary "Artifact", that explains the difficulty to work with these major companies.

8. The Dream

The dream to escape from this world. As a simple nice melody, a soft piano melody and some orchestra arrangement. It is time for me to go back to Thailand.