About this Album

This album was started in 2005, when I first made the main Title: Slow Motion... then I waited to have enough song in the same style to make an album. In 2010 I made several ambient titles that were matching the main title but it was not enough to make a full album. In 2014 I decided tp publish the album 'as is'. I am working on other projects and will probably never finish it. So here it is. The first title is quite commercial by its structure and melodie, but the rest of the album is quite original and relaxing. I thing this album resume well my style, with some commercial melodic and classical inspired tune, and some sort of musical research and development.

  • Genre: Soundtrack, Space, Celtic, Abstract, Ambient
  • UPC: 840095883122
  • Release date: 01-012-2014

1. WOK Introduction

WOK was a game prototype. This tune was the menu and loading wait.

2. Slow Motion

The Korg Karma is at the root of this tune. The guitar is a preset that inspired me... maybe this song sounds familiar to you, it is a bit commmercial I agree. But the rest of the album is so strange!

3. Mooghish

I needed to make a demo for a sound bank named SampleMoog from IK Multimedia. That's when I worked for Sonic Reality Inc who made the sounds. The result was something that was a bit to intense for just an instrument demo. As the name tells there is only Moog sampled sounds in this song.

4. Space

I wanted to have a video game like evolving song with many possibilities. I took the idea of the Xevious game little gimmick and the rest came naturally around this base. A lot of SampleMoog sounds too. And some Moog Voyager too.

5. Magical Spirit

Another name for this song could be 'caves'. I decided to make some abstract music based on Impacts and Elements from Samplelogic. They are so good at sound design that I just created this tune playing around.

6. WOK Ambiance

WOK prototype game ambience loop when walking and discovering the tropical island.

7. Medieval Strange

I explored the Celtic style with a weird orchestral piece. It is mostly improvised using the East West Orchestral sounds.

8. WOK Orchestral

Orchestral version of the WOK Introduction, longer, more developed..