About this Album

Rythmomelodic Equations is an album build from blocks of music put together in a quasi mathematical way. It is Mike Oldfield "Incantations" but made in a modern way. The album is about 1h 30 minutes total length with 3 homages: one to my daughter who lost her life in an accident when she was 13 (05. For Eva). One to the King of Thailand His Magesty Bhumibol Adulyadej (09.Royal Echoes) and one for Ryuichi Sakamoto (06.Disymetrie).

  • Genre: Electronica, New Age, Ambient, Experimental, Meditation, Relaxation, Concentration
  • UPC: 1941520088293
  • Release date: 8-4-2019

1. Introduction

Just the introduction, playing with synths.

2. Pigments

A very relaxing and soft space inspired song.

3. Concentration

A slightly complex song, with a recurring little melody that breaks the monotony.

4. Gravity

Monotone piece of music with many sequences.

5. For Eva

This track is an homage to my daughter Eva Choukroun who died in a road accident in 2015. She was 13.

6. Disymetrie

Homage to Ryuichi Sakamoto ‎– Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia. More jazzy than the other songs

7. Rythmomelodic Equation

The idea of rythmomelodic equation came back when I was around 16. I got this series of harmonies that I was playing on the piano and I was listening to "Incantations" from Mike Oldfield

8. Steel and Chime

The rythmic base is made with steel and chime percusions, hence the title of the song.

9. Royal Echoes

This song is in homage to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Few leaders have been totally dedicated to their people, Gandi was, such as Bhumibol. They are examples of honesty for the other leaders all other the world.

10. Anthropomorphism

Wait for the explosion...

11. Abstraction

Positive music rather abstract, with a little melody and plenty of sequences.

12. Imperfections

There is no beauty without imperfections. Imperfections are making everything unique. You can try to make algorithmic music, computers will never reach this level of imperfection.

13. Airblade

A friendly wink to the games from the 8 bit area, and their legendary demos! Without being too 8 bit sounding the music is made with this style in mind.

14. Coronambient

This song created while being in lockdown in France tells the Covid-19 story. Instruments are carefully chosen, the music is growing until a 'pic' where everything becomes less organized, and mesy to finally vanight. The melody hasn't changed but it does not sounds the same. It is a bridge with the next album "Virus 2020". An uplifting song to finish this album.