About this Album

Started in 1999 and finished in 2007 this album is the solo version of Impossible Piano. This version is arranged for piano only. I wanted to made an album where the technology is not used to make weird sounds but rather to created beautiful music. So everything is done with computers as usual, but no weird fx, no fancy echoes and reverbs. Just a natural and pure sound inspired by the classical music.

  • Genre: Soundtrack, Classical, Piano, Ambient
  • UPC: 840095892018
  • Release date: 01-12-2007

1. Heidelberg

First song made for Impossible Piano back in 1999. Great mix of all instruments and the piece I really love the most in this album. It is made with 3 different themes that plug together. There is a mix of uplifting and nostalgia that stick after the music ends. It was made first for piano and orchestra and I lost the original master. I re-created it in 2004 to finalize this album.

2. Rain Fall

This song has been first created for Helena and called 'Rigolade' (laughter). I arranged it differently for this album, I like the theme and the melody. The Helena version is very cool and uplifting!

3. Adagio Nuptial

This song has been created for my weeding in 1994. I did several versions. I lost the original that was played in the church. It was a very emotional moment. This song is made to be used on these kind of occasions, and there are not a lot of choice for that. If you use it for your weeding, please let me know. This song is also a very sad memory about Pascal de France a good friend who died in the most weird and tragic way, alone in his huge castle, with a gas mask on the face. One of the most intelligent person I've ever met. He loved this song. Nadrys was made for him too...

4. Wake up now

Made shortly after Heidelberg this song was also the reason I wanted to do this piano and orchestra album. It has a similar structure as Heidelberg, with several themes plugged together.

5. Concerto for Vero

Created in one night for Veronique Lesciellour my girlfriend in 1992. She is the only one to have an original version, I gave her as a gift (how romantic I was). She dumped me 6 months after. The original version was longer and had 2 songs included for more than 20 min of today improvisation. This version has been simplified and re-orchestrated.