About this Album

I composed this album for a local artist Helena. We worked together in 2001 to complete this album by November of that year. It was a lot of fun, she is an easy going excentric singer, but really professional. She sang in the Starmania group and her voice is perfectly pitched. We were totally on the same line about every songs, it was an amazing experience to work with her. Several pictures are taken in my studio while recording.

  • Genre: Pop, Folk, Rock, New Age, Piano, Ambient
  • UPC: 840095896832
  • Release date: 11-01-2001

1. Leves Toi

Song about resistance, revolution, resilience.

2. Mer Emeuraude

Weird song about diving in the sea and never come back..

3. Chasseur

The tale of a hunter, hunting you.

4. Together

Fun song about being together.

5. Le Temps Lasse

Prophetic warning about what is now the climate change issue, and the pollution of the air.

6. Rigolade

Having fun together, singing and doing music. Try to not smile.

7. Voyager

Song about traveling, written before I become a traveler myself!

8. Leves Toi (Unplugged)

Simply recorded while jamming

9. Voyager (stage mix)

An attempt to simulate a stage performance.