About this Album

This album is my second one. It is a bundle of instrumentals I made on a 15 years period, between the time I was staying with my parents house, to the beginning of my professional life in Paris in my Bastille studio. Some songs are really old and made with my 4 track recorder without any software, some were done with Pro-24 and an Atari computer, some with Notator on ST at Bastille. Each song has its specific descriptions so refers to these for more information. I gathered this music and made this GEMS series for the record. There are some good stuff in it, some magical moment where an improvisation becomes a complex music score, things that I don't understand about how creativity and inspiration works, like magic.

  • Genre: Electronica, New Age, Piano, Ambient
  • UPC: 840095895743
  • Release date: 11-26-1985

1. Stacked Emotions

Imagine that you make a sound that inspires you, you press record, and this tune come out of your brain! That's exactly what did happen with this song. I just played like this and when I pressed stop, I was wow!

2. Thunder

There are some moments in your childhood that really stay in your memories. For me it is when my mother was playing some classical music while explaining what is happening. I remember on piece that was the evocation of a thunderstorm from the beginning to the end. I decided to make my own piece of music that will describe a thunderstorm, with modern instruments. Tribute to my mother who did so much to teach me the beauty of complex music.

3. Cryo

When I was working at Cryo Entertainment, at one point they wanted to make a music for the company. No one asked me anything and of course Philip Ulrish was the favorite, no question asked. I just did this tune. Apparently no one cared about it and I just made it for nothing. My style never matched with the current fashion. I was not famous enough or my music was too personal, in these time it was the Rave music that was fashion. Fuck it, now it sounds cap, did my music aged more than the fashion type music? I don't know. But I just did what I like, and what I like haven't changed too much.

4. Pianistic

This piano based song irritates me. But some people like it. Maybe it is because of the crappy sound of the M3R piano and its EQ that is totally lame on this mix?

5. Orchestral Feelings

A sloppy piece of some sort of orchestral music made only with an EMU III.

6. JMJ Shit

Looking a concert of Jean Michel Jarre at the television can be upsetting when you realize that all is fake, pre-recorded, and everything else is theater. I was upset this day and made JMJ Shit using an ESQ1 and a S330 only. Yes apart Oxygen and Equinox that are epic, the rest is shit.

7. Great Court

Do you remember this title from Ubi Soft? Part of the series made for the B.A.T project (check Gems 1 for more info) with the title Blade Runner. Made at the same time Jeroen Tell was playing on my keyboard in my Bastille studio to make the Iron Lord music... I made this music for a presentation of Great Court, but it was send in the trash.

8. Endless Energy

A repetitive energetic song that must be listened very loud.