About this Album

This album was made totally using a Roland Sound Canvas. in consequence it is only a MIDI file album that was published as a small application / Screensaver. I created the VMA (Virtual Music Album concept in 1998 to support the idea to sell albums that were self contained in an application that would execute like a software. it didn't worked. However being limited by the resource and power of a 1MB rom Sound Canvas and the General Midi format was quite a good experience. I had to work a deep as possible with Midi in order to get these reverbs effets to follow the music for example.

  • Genre: GM, General Midi, Video Game Music, New Age, Piano
  • UPC: 840095893039
  • Release date: 11-04-2005

1. Fresh Air

Just an happy song! I created it very long time ago when I was a teenager.

2. Underground

I got this feeling like this song was deep and recall the underground.

3. Ameday

Amédé Lieres was my uncle. I named this song as an homage to him. He was a very special character and I loved him.

4. Alkasenzer

Alkasenzer was a paracetamol brand in France. Now you imagine the feeling I had when I created this piece.

5. 4th Waltz

Waltz is supposedly written in 3/4 (3 measures per time), this one is written with 4 measures, still it is a waltz.

6. Ant Dance

When I was writing this song, I had this image of a bunch of ants dancing in the head.

7. Diana Death

I written that one when the princess Diana died from this weird accident (murder I would say). Very sad day. We went my ex-wife and me giving some flower at the hospital where she was resting.

8. 16 Years Old

I created this song with I was 16 year old, on a piano.

9. Hot And Lazy

More or less a re-write of Necro from GEMS 1 album. So very very old songs ideas. This day was f*cking hot and I was feeling lazy, so I did a song.

10. Jazzy Nikko

I am very influenced by classical music, but this time I was in a jazzy mood, my own jazz kind of style. The rhythm is a bit of Hip Hop. Before it even exists.

11. New field

This is a Mike Oldfield homage. That's why I named this song that way. Another idea from my teenage years, coming back in my brain and ending on this album.

12. Space Light

Created for Aliens Comic Book adventure the video game, but never used.

13. Waiting The End

I first created this song based on lyrics from a girl I knew when I was living in "La Paillade" and the song was named 'waiting the end'. I removed the lyrics but kept the title.