About this Album

Using both the latest technology and also orchestral instruments, with piano a la Robert Miles. I`ve decided to explore all the tools and synths I got recently in my studio. While playing I made some interesting songs. Some are based on Virtual instruments, some are using real vintage gears like Yamaha CS 30 or Roland SH2, some are mixing both of the two worlds. The idea was to stay simple and not to overproduce, I mean do not glue everything in reverb. The themes themselves are very simples, a little bit commercial. It is a decision I took, to take a breath. I`ve finished in November 2005.

  • Genre: Electronica, New Age, Piano, Ambient
  • UPC: 840095893039
  • Release date: 11-04-2005

1. Appetizer

As the title say, it is a short place before the main course! Just using some of my favorite instruments to create an abstract weird song.

2. Melloway

I like this theme and also a good mix of techno sounds and classical instruments, Oboe, strings and more are showing here.

3. Fashion

Imagine a Fashion show. Imagine this sound in background. Thats the way it was made, and the way it sounds. Great solo violin to make the break with the rather techno feeling.

4. Grandioso

This is a commercial title, very optimistic. In the middle, a symphonic orchestra comes and mixes with the vintages synths.

5. Killing rocket

This title is about the war against Irak, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, all the American wars etc...

6. Underwater

A beautiful allegorie of underwater`s world. You really feel diving in the big blue when you listen this title.

7. Desert

Another trip, but this time you are in the desert. The sun burns and there is sand all around you.

8. Voiceland

Another commercial song. Between Robert Miles and Equinoxe from Jean Michel Jarre. with a piano theme.

9. Dreaming Zone

That`s a melodic song. Remaining the `Apocalypse of Animals` from Vangelis, the great music theme from the 70`s.

10. Call From Cosmos

This song comes from the outer space. Remaining the feeling of the first twilight zone tv series. Space effects takes in on board for a space traveling.

11. Tangerine Spirit

Very long and energetic. You have to listen it VERY loud!